SSO bargaining: Statistics Canada continues to stall

The Statistics Survey Operations (SSO) bargaining team made progress on hours of work for SSO members despite frustrating stalling tactics by the employer during negotiations on October 26-27, 2021.  

Statistics Canada failed to bring any new proposals to the table even though members have been without a collective agreement since 2018. PSAC submitted two comprehensive packages of bargaining proposals in May and July, and the team still hasn’t received an adequate response from the employer.  

Despite the delays by the employer, Statistics Canada and the team had a lengthy discussion about hours of work. The team is advocating for language in the collective agreement that ensures more regular, full-time work hours for SSO members.  

PSAC plans to meet with the employer again before the end of the year and expect Statistics Canada to respond to our proposals for significant improvements in working conditions and work hours, including: 

  • Wage parity with the core public service 
  • An allowance to fully cover off personal expenses when working remotely 
  • Better job security and a fair and transparent process around the assignment of work hours 
  • Improved maternity and parental leave benefits 
  • Improved shift premiums for evenings and weekends 
  • Improvements to sick leave, family leave, vacation leave and compassionate care leave 

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November 2, 2021