Royal Canadian Mint bargaining: significant progress on non-monetary proposals

The bargaining team representing PSAC-Government Services Union (PSAC-GSU) members at the Royal Canadian Mint held a bargaining session on April 1-4 in Ottawa. Various union and employer proposals were discussed and significant progress was achieved on the union’s non-monetary demands.

Negotiations are scheduled to resume from April 30 to May 3 in Ottawa and July 8 to July 12 in Winnipeg. PSAC-GSU plans to use those meetings to further advance non-monetary proposals and begin discussion on monetary concerns.

Details on changes to the collective agreement will be provided once a tentative agreement is reached. While significant progress has been made at the bargaining table, much more work remains in order to achieve a fair contract.


Bargaining for a new contract for PSAC-GSU members at the Mint (Locals 70024 and 50057) began in July 2018 and, previous to last week’s talks, sessions were held in July-August, October and December.

Bargaining team member John Hickey Sr. retired before this month’s talks and has been replaced by John Hickey Jr. PSAC-GSU thanks Mr. Hickey Sr. for his contributions to the negotiations process, and welcomes Mr. Hickey Jr., who arrived at last week’s meetings well prepared and makes for a valuable addition to the bargaining team.

Bargaining Team:

Andrew Ellsworth
Jeffrey Tessier
John Hickey Jr.
Kelly Votto       

Tom Milne, PSAC Negotiator
Laneydi Martinez-Alfonso, PSAC Research Officer



April 11, 2019