PSAC members renew support for national leadership

Delegates attending the PSAC’s 2022 National Triennial Convention re-elected Chris Aylward to a second term as national president and elected Sharon DeSousa as national executive vice-president (NEVP). 

“I am honoured to have the renewed support of PSAC’s membership as we move forward in these uncertain times,” said Aylward.  "As we face the challenges ahead, we will continue to fight for fair wages and working conditions that don’t leave ordinary people behind. We have a lot of work to do, not only in the federal public sector, but in the private sector and the territorial sector. I will work with all of you to make sure that the needs of workers are always put first and are always foremost in this union." 

Aylward was first elected as national president at PSAC’s 2018 National Triennial Convention and previously served as PSAC’s national executive vice-president from 2012 to2018.  

DeSousa stepped in as PSAC’s national executive vice-president in September 2020. She was first elected as PSAC’s alternate NEVP in 2018 and previously served as PSAC Ontario’s regional executive vice-president from 2011 to 2020. 

“It’s been a privilege to serve as national executive vice-president for the past two years, and I am grateful our members have put their faith in me to continue to represent them,” said DeSousa. “We've already celebrated so many successes together, and I believe together, united, we can take on any challenge that lies ahead.” 

Delegates also elected Alex Silas, regional executive vice-president of the PSAC National Capital Region, as alternate national executive vice-president. The alternate replaces the NEVP if they leave the position for any reason during their term of office.  

Since the 2021 PSAC National Triennial Convention was postponed due to the pandemic, all three national officers were elected for a two-year term from 2022 to 2024 instead of the usual three-year term. 

June 2, 2022