Chris Aylward, National President

Chris Aylward was re-elected as the national president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada at PSAC’s 19th National Triennial Convention in June 2022. He was first elected in 2018 and previously served as PSAC’s national executive vice-president from 2012–2018. 

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Chris has been an active PSAC member for over 30 years. His involvement in our union started when he became a shop steward with the Union of Taxation Employees (UTE) Local 90000 at the St. John's Taxation Centre. 

In 1990, Chris transferred to Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) headquarters in Ottawa where he became active in UTE Local 70000. Chris played a major role in the 1991 General Strike as a communications officer for the National Capital Region (NCR). 

In 1996, Chris was elected as UTE’s alternate regional vice-president for the NCR, and then became the full-time regional vice-president (RVP) in 1997. During his 14 years as UTE’s NCR RVP, Chris spent many of those years as a member of the bargaining team. He helped to achieve important benefits and ground-breaking improvements for PSAC members working for CRA that were then negotiated for more of our members under other collective agreements. 

Chris is a vocal advocate for the rights of all members to safe workplaces, fair wages, and strong collective agreements. 

June 2, 2022