PSAC joins Canadian unions calling for urgent action on World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty

Alongside Canadian unions representing over 500,000 healthcare professionals, PSAC has co-signed a letter to Minister of Health, Mark Holland, addressing significant concerns in the negotiations of the World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Treaty. 

Canadian unions are adding their voice to public service unions across North, South and Central America to flag these issues as part of the Health Workers’ Union Federation at the Public Service International (PSI), the international voice for public services and the workers and unions which deliver them. 

The treaty calls for a global plan so that countries are better equipped to handle future pandemics and public health emergencies and provide health and care workers the tools, equipment and support needed to do their crucial work. However, the current plan falls short of what is needed. 

PSAC joins six other unions – CUPE, CSQ, FIQ, NUPGE, SEIU and COPE – to highlight concerns related to the negotiations: 

  1. Stronger protections are needed for health and care workers; 

  1. Health products developed from public funds must remain in the public domain; 

  1. Intellectual property rights must be waived during public health emergencies; 

  1. Governments must invest in strong and universal public health systems; 

  1. The climate crisis must be a central priority in future pandemic preparedness and response. 

As negotiations for the Pandemic Treaty enter a critical phase, PSAC remains committed to championing the rights of healthcare workers and ensuring a resilient and equitable global response to future pandemics. 


December 22, 2023