PSAC and Treasury Board sign collective agreements for PSAC members in SV, EB groups

PSAC and Treasury Board representatives have signed the collective agreements for PSAC members in the SV and EB bargaining units. Both agreements were ratified by members on June 16, 2023.

Next steps

All non-monetary terms of the collective agreement take effect immediately.

The employer has 180 days from signing to action retroactive pay, the $2,500 pensionable lump-sum payment and implement wage increases, wage adjustments and allowances. The lump-sum will be paid to each employee based on their substantive position – including those on leave without pay – on the date of signing July 11, 2023. See our FAQ for full details about your eligibility for the lump sum payment.

If the implementation period goes beyond 180 days and when the outstanding amount owed is greater than $500, the employer will pay a $200 lump sum per member.



July 12, 2023