Postdoctoral fellows at École de technologie supérieure are PSAC’s newest members

In another organizing victory, 50 salaried postdoctoral fellows from the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) have won union representation. On April 22, Quebec’s labour tribunal granted the group union certification.

The work continues towards forming a second ÉTS bargaining unit. PSAC is in front of the labour tribunal to obtain a union certificate for an additional 80 ÉTS research professionals.

As the first union to apply for a post-doctoral union certificate in Canada, PSAC has emerged as a leading union in the university sector. PSAC-Quebec represents the highest number of post-doctoral employees in the province and PSAC has organized the largest number of post-doctoral bargaining units across the country.

PSAC’s university sector membership has grown to over 27,000 with the recent addition of senior researchers at the University of Saskatchewan.


May 15, 2020