Parks Canada team is bringing energy back to the table this month

The Parks Canada bargaining team is headed back into negotiations September 19 to 22 to get the rest of the team’s bargaining demands on the table.   

Parks workers ensure that critical infrastructure for national historical sites, waterways, marine conservation areas and parks are protected and maintained for families from around the world. Our members made sure that cultural historical sites and green spaces remained accessible throughout the pandemic when indoor gatherings were restricted.  

In this round of bargaining, our energy is focused on building a strong collective agreement that recognizes and respects the work of our members who take care of communities from coast to coast to coast.  

What to expect

During this round, we will reiterate the issues that matter to Parks workers, including better support for mental health, job security, an Indigenous languages allowance, equity in the workplace and more provisions to ensure that you have a safe and inclusive workplace, whether you are working remotely or in the field. 

What comes next 

We’ve asked the employer for future bargaining dates and will share an update as soon as possible once the timeline is confirmed and will update you on the latest bargaining news. 

Your Parks Canada bargaining team:  

  • John Eustace, PSAC negotiator 
  • Djimy Theodore, PSAC researcher 
  • Nicolas Angers 
  • Alisha Campbell 
  • Birch Howard 
  • Kassandra McKinnon 
  • André Miller 
  • Omar Murray
  • Denis St Onge 
  • Daniel Toutant 

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Your support is key as we fight to negotiate a fair collective agreement. 


September 13, 2022