Parks Canada ratification votes to be held July 17 to August 4

Ratification votes for Parks Canada members will begin on July 17 and end on August 4 at noon ET.

In order for PSAC members to receive their new rates of pay, retroactive pay, and lump sum payment, the new agreements must first be ratified, and then signed. To ensure this ratification process is done as quickly as possible, PSAC will be conducting an expedited, virtual ratification process.

PSAC is using an online voting platform to securely manage the ratification vote process.

How to vote

PSAC will be holding mandatory virtual information sessions and you can vote at any time after attending a session up until the voting deadline August 4 at noon ET.  

Check your email: All PSAC members in the Parks Canada bargaining unit will receive an email from on July 12 with the link to PSAC's voting platform and the credentials needed to log in. You will be able to register for a mandatory session starting on July 12 as soon as you receive your credentials from or by mail.
If you do not receive an email on July 12 check your junk mail or promotions folders in your personal email account. If you’ve checked those folders and still don’t have the email, we may not have your personal email on file and you can fill out a PSAC membership form to update your contact information.
Once you submit the online membership form, PSAC will issue your voting credentials to you as soon as possible.

Participate in a mandatory information session: Upon receipt of your login credentials, please proceed to register for virtual voting sessions using the online voting platform link in the email / letter.

Submit your vote:  Following each information session, you can vote immediately in the platform or click on the link shared to participate in a live Q&A session held on Zoom with members of the Parks Canada bargaining team to answer your questions.

Vote dates and times

The following mandatory virtual information sessions have been scheduled.

  • Monday, July 17, 7:30 PM ET (EN)
  • Wednesday July 19, 12:00 PM ET (FR)
  • Tuesday July 25, 4:30 PM ET (EN)
  • Wednesday July 26, 7:30 PM ET (FR)
  • Thursday July 27, 7:00 AM ET (EN)
  • Monday July 31, 7:30 AM ET (FR)
  • Wednesday August 2, 9:00 AM ET (EN)
  • Thursday August 3, 7:30 PM ET (EN)

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July 10, 2023