Parks Canada members ratify tentative agreement

Parks Canada members have voted in favour of ratifying their tentative agreement after participating in a nationwide ratification vote from July 17 to August 4.  
After rejecting concession after concession, the bargaining team reached a tentative agreement that prevents workers from falling further behind by improving job security. The agreement addresses many long-standing concerns for Parks members. 

The four-year collective agreement for over 5,000 members in the Parks Canada bargaining group expires on August 4, 2025.

This Parks Canada agreement: 

  • Provides wages that close the gap with inflation.
  • Ensures the Parks Canada Agency and PSAC have a path forward to discuss crucial issues associated with contracting out. 
  • Enables a thorough review of the working conditions for Park wardens at Parks Canada, including a significant consultation directly. 
  • Protects employee rights around remote work arrangements. 
  • Provides two days of paid leave and three days of unpaid leave for Indigenous employees to engage in traditional practices. 

Next steps 

In the coming weeks, PSAC will meet with Parks Canada Agency representatives to sign the new collective agreement. All non-monetary terms will come into effect immediately after signing.  

The employer has 180 days from the signing of the contract to implement wage increases, wage adjustments and allowances. If the Parks Canada Agency is unable to meet this deadline, there is a lump sum of $200 payable if the outstanding amount is more than $500 owed. 


August 4, 2023