Parks Canada bargaining proceeding to mediation and PIC to continue fight for a fair contract  

Last week, the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) appointed a Public Interest Commission (PIC) to help advance negotiations for 5,000 Parks Canada members. The appointment of the PIC follows PSAC’s declaration of impasse after a year –and –a half of bargaining.  

If mediation fails to result in a settlement, PSAC and Parks will advance to PIC hearings. 

What is mediation? 

During mediation, a neutral third party with expertise in contract negotiations helps two parties in a labour dispute reach an agreement.  In this case, the mediator is appointed by the Labour Board.  

How does the PIC work? 

On receiving a request for conciliation, the chairperson of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board may recommend that a PIC be established for conciliation of issues in dispute.  

The PIC is a panel of three people – a chairperson appointed by the Labour Board and one nominee each appointed by the union and the employer. Each side presents briefs to explain their positions on outstanding issues at a hearing. The process ends when the PIC issues a report with non-binding recommendations for reaching a settlement. PIC hearings can take months to complete. 

What comes next? 

The Parks Canada bargaining team will continue the bargaining process in mediation June 20-23. No dates have been set yet for the PIC, but PSAC expects to have dates soon.    

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May 12, 2023