SNPF National Bargaining Conference: Members set their priorities

PSAC members working for the Non-Public Funds (NPF) came together for their national bargaining conference February 22-24 to prioritize the bargaining issues that will drive the next round of bargaining.

PSAC members at the NPF provide vital programs and services to Canadian Forces members, veterans, and their families. They deliver morale and welfare services such as health, fitness and recreational programs as well as shopping, retail, and financial services.

Key issues discussed at the conference include:

  • Salary scale: We want to simplify the salary scale by making it uniform and reducing the numbers of steps, so members across the country have equal pay for equal work.

  • Work-life balance: Secure the right to remote work in our collective agreement and improve compassionate and parental leaves.

  • Human rights: Add leave for domestic violence, because all working people should be able to access the support they need from their employers when they are trying to leave an abusive situation.

  • Good, secure jobs: fight for more benefits for part time employees and retroactive pay for all members, including retirees and former members no longer working for NPF.

Next steps

Over the next few months, our bargaining team will meet and discuss bargaining issues prioritized at the national bargaining conference. The team will work on a final package of bargaining demands that will be exchanged with the employer.

Make sure to keep your contact information up to date to receive all the latest updates as we prepare to negotiate your next contract.



March 8, 2022