NAV CANADA members set priorities at national bargaining conference

After serving notice to bargain in November 2023, the next step in the negotiations process for PSAC-UCTE members working at NAV CANADA took place at the national bargaining conference held in Ottawa January 30-31.

Delegates representing 285 workers who help operate Canada’s air traffic control and civil air navigation system gathered to review, discuss, and prioritize bargaining proposals and mobilization strategies, and elect the bargaining team.

Delegates also took time to bring their solidarity to the picket line, where PSAC members working at the Staff of the Non-Public Funds have been on strike for fair wages and equal pay for equal work since January 15.

Key issues

Members identified several key issues to bring forward at the bargaining table, including:

  • Wages that keep up with the cost of living;
  • Better work-life balance;
  • And improvements to collective agreement language around telework, leave, and job security.

PSAC will present the employer with the package of demands at our first bargaining meeting, which is anticipated to take place in the spring.

The airline industry has made a significant post-pandemic rebound. Members working at NAV CANADA expect the employer to come to the bargaining table with a fair wage offer that recognizes their contribution to this recovery and contract language that improves their working lives.

The bargaining team, comprised of Jason Burnham, Michelle Silverwood, Suzanne Dupuis, Marc Langlois, UCTE regional vice-president Barry Tchir, PSAC negotiator Mathieu Brûlé, and research officer Christopher Schwartz, with support from administrative assistant Liane Stymiest, are looking forward to a productive, respectful, round of bargaining that makes important gains for members at NAV CANADA.

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February 2, 2024