NAV CANADA: employers’ wage offer falls short

The NAV CANADA bargaining team mainly discussed the employer’s terrible wage offer during negotiations April 19-21. While modest progress was made on some non-monetary issues, the unacceptable wage offer remained the focus. 

The employer’s offer of 0, 1, 2 and 2 per cent over a four-year agreement — averaging 1.25 per cent per year from 2021–2025 — is not just completely out of touch with soaring inflation across Canada, but is significantly less than what they agreed to with other unions.  

We have proposed a three-year deal with the following increases: 

  • 5 per cent in 2021: this represents a 3 per cent increase to match other unions and an additional 2 per cent to make up the gap for 2019, when our increases were lower than others 

  • 4.75 per cent in 2022: this represents an increase to ensure that we do not lose ground to inflation 

  • 3 per cent in 2023: this matches other unions’ agreements 

No concessions 

In addition to the paltry wage response, the employer also submitted significant concessions. These include a reduction for the Departure Incentive Program for any employee hired after the agreement is finalized, and the elimination of the end-of-career leave bank.  

And while they have told us that they will not be proposing changes to the pension plan during this round, the employer is clearly indicating they plan to weaken members’ pensions in future rounds.  

Our team will continue to reject concessions, and work hard to bring members a strong and fair collective agreement.   

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May 5, 2022