Many Rivers workers in Yukon striking for improved working conditions, better pay

Approximately 20 PSAC/YEU members at Yukon’s Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services centers have been braving cold picket lines in Whitehorse since November 2. 
The striking workers provide a wide range of counselling and outreach services in Whitehorse, Watson Lake, Haines Junction and Dawson City. They are deeply committed to their clients but are disappointed that management at Many Rivers has shown an unwillingness to address their concerns after a year of bargaining. Moreover, they believe that management’s current approach is preventing them from adequately serving the communities they work in. 

Some of the key demands by the workers include: 

  • flexible work hours so that they can better serve clients;  

  • improved counselling benefits for staff in order to address their own needs for support, as well as to maintain the best care for their clients; 

  • wage increases that keep up with inflation. 

Click here for the full statement by the striking workers » 

The workers and PSAC/YEU remain open to renewed talks. The union is mindful of the impact this strike may be having on community members and calls on Many Rivers’ management to end the strike by returning to the bargaining table with a fair offer. 

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November 22, 2018