Government expands Phoenix claims process; continues to deny PSAC members fair compensation

The federal government has announced the expansion of the Phoenix expense claims process to include an additional element to accept claims for severe financial hardship. This expansion was part of the Phoenix damages settlement agreed to by non-PSAC bargaining units last year.

PSAC is in favour of this part of the Phoenix settlement, but was forced to reject the overall deal because of the meagre offer of five days of leave as general compensation which is too little, and unfairly rewards higher earners in the public service when cashed in.

After four years of Phoenix hardships, our members deserve to be compensated fairly and equally.

We expect PSAC members to be part of this expanded claims process once we reach an agreement on overall Phoenix damages.

What does this new claims process include?

The original claims process that PSAC helped establish was designed to cover ‘out-of-pocket expenses’. This expanded claims process will cover more complex and severe losses such as those who have had credit ratings destroyed, lost their homes or cars, or were forced to withdraw their savings and investments to make ends meet as they struggled with pay issues.

Each claim will be handled individually to assess how the government can make reparations for these major financial losses.



February 6, 2020