​Get ready to take action: FB members vote 96% in favour of strike action

The ballots have been counted, and you’ve given our union an overwhelming strike mandate to take job action and show this employer we mean business.

This comes as no surprise. You’ve been without a collective agreement since 2022. Your wages have stalled, and the cost-of-living has risen, yet the Canada Border Services Agency and Treasury Board still aren’t prepared to negotiate a fair agreement, and continue to demand concessions at the bargaining table.

You’ve shown your resolve, and your employer is now fully aware that you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to fight for a fair collective agreement that secures fair wages in line with other law enforcement and public safety workers across the country, flexible telework options, stronger job security, protections against contracting out, and equitable 25-and-out retirement benefits.

Taking job action is always a last resort, but the results of the vote – 96% in favour – show that you’re prepared to take action to demand a fair contract.

Together, we have a lot of power. Our strike in 2021 brought commercial cross-border traffic nearly to a standstill, causing chaos at ports of entry across the country.

Unless they want to see that happen again, Treasury Board and CBSA better be prepared to come to the table with an offer that addresses our key issues.

Our FB bargaining team is committed to reaching a fair contract that protects our members and makes CBSA a better place to work. We have made it clear to the Trudeau Liberal government that our negotiations must be a top priority, and the window to avert a strike is closing quickly.

Mediation sessions are scheduled to begin on June 3, and we expect the Public Interest Commission report to be released shortly before that. We will be in a legal strike position seven days after the report is released – meaning we should be prepared to take job action in June if a deal isn’t reached.

Contact your Branch President or PSAC regional office to find out how you can join mobilization activities to keep the pressure up on the employer and this government.

Please make sure you keep your contact information up to date and watch for more information as we move forward.

Together we can – and we will – win the fair collective agreement that you deserve.

Always in solidarity,

Chris Aylward
PSAC national president

Mark Weber
Customs and Immigration Union national president



May 24, 2024