FB bargaining team receives Public Interest Commission recommendation

PSAC-CIU received the Public Interest Commission’s report July 28 with their non-binding recommendations for reaching an agreement at the bargaining table. The report comes the day  after the union’s announcement of the FB strike vote results and puts us in a legal strike position as early as Friday, August 6.

Read the full PIC report

The report contains several important recommendations, including:

  • Opening the door for a discussion about a paid, pensionable meal period for union members;
  • Calling for paid firearm practice time and a fitness allowance for officers;
  • Recommending new protections for employees in the context of discipline;
  • Encouraging the parties to negotiate expanded seniority rights for scheduling and parameters regarding student work at CBSA;
  • Recommending language that ensures officers aren’t required to work alone, the grievance procedure is streamlined, and a negotiated increase in shift premium.

With respect to wages, the report states, “It is worth noting that the settlements for the FB group in the three previous rounds of bargaining have exceeded the core public administration pattern.”

Of significance, the recently negotiated settlement for RCMP employees was reached after the Public Interest Commission hearings took place in May and, therefore, did not form any part of the PIC deliberations.

While the report was silent about remote work for non-uniformed members, and pension reform (25 and out) is outside the PIC's jurisdiction and therefore not addressed in the report, our team will continue to push for these improvements.

Our union and the employer have agreed to return to the bargaining table to resume talks on Thursday, July 29. The FB team is hopeful that Treasury Board and CBSA will return to the bargaining table with a renewed mandate to reach a fair agreement for PSAC-CIU members.

Make sure to keep your contact information up to date via the member portal to receive all the latest updates as we prepare to negotiate your next contract.



July 28, 2021