FB bargaining: PSAC-CIU tables wage demands

Our FB Bargaining Team met with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Treasury Board June 13-16 to continue talks towards a new collective agreement. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of compensation and working conditions within the law enforcement community, we presented our wage demands. 

We have proposed aligning our wage grid with that of the RCMP. Additionally, we have proposed that all employees in the bargaining unit be granted a paid meal period, as is the standard practice across the law enforcement community. 

Furthermore, we are seeking improvements with respect to premiums and allowances to address ongoing workplace issues. This includes an increase to the dog handler allowance, and the introduction of a field coaching and plain-clothes allowance. Paid firearm practice time, an escort removal premium, and fitness allowances were also discussed, along with paid membership fees for hearings officers and range fees for armed officers.    

Management has not yet responded to our wage proposals

Team pushes back against technological changes that put our communities at risk

Our team once again pressed the employer to cease the unilateral changes being implemented under the Traveler Modernization Initiative. PSAC-CIU has already initiated legal action against CBSA regarding the changes to ArriveCan and E-Gate. This is union work and CBSA should be consulting appropriately with us. 

We also reiterated our proposals regarding workplace harassment. The recent Public Service Employee Survey clearly indicates that CBSA is a toxic workplace where workers frequently experience harassment from management. 

Our team suggested several dates for negotiations during the summer. However, the employer refused to bargain in July and August due to the Summer Action Plan. Why this should make it impossible for parties to meet is unclear, and we can only assume the employer is under the belief that our ten bargaining team members’ presence on the frontline is key in resolving CBSA's inadequate staffing levels. In any case, it is shameful to see the Treasury Board once again needlessly delay the bargaining process. 

Next steps 

Throughout the summer, our bargaining team will be visiting worksites across Canada to gather input from members and provide face-to-face updates on the bargaining process. Stay tuned for further updates as these plans progress. 

We return to the bargaining table in September.  

Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date to receive all the latest updates about bargaining. If you have any questions, please contact your branch president or your PSAC regional office.



June 20, 2023