FB bargaining: Negotiations postponed in solidarity with striking workers

While we were scheduled to return to the table this week, April 25-27, our FB bargaining team notified the employer we won’t be meeting, in solidarity with the more than 155,000 fellow PSAC members working for Treasury Board and the Canada Revenue Agency who are currently on strike. 

We previously made it clear, when we last met with the employer in March, that we would not meet in the event members from the PA, SV, TC, EB, and PSAC-UTE groups were on picket lines.  

"It's clear that the ongoing generational labour actions by PSAC members will lay the foundation for future gains for all Canadian workers, including FB members," said the FB bargaining team. "We do not sit at a table with an employer who treats our fellow members with the disrespect that Treasury Board has displayed. We will only meet with the employer once they give striking members the fair contract they deserve." 

Support for striking workers 

More than 2,500 PSAC-CIU members are part of the PA group and are currently on strike. They perform administrative and other non-law-enforcement duties, supporting frontline operations across the country. These members play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of border processes, and they need the support of all PSAC-CIU members. Now more than ever, there is power in solidarity. 

While you can’t walk off the job or refuse to perform your usual duties, you can support your colleagues in other ways. Wear your swag at work, volunteer for phone banks during off-work hours, and any other mobilization activity that doesn’t impact your work schedule. 

You can also join PSAC members on the picket lines during off-work hours, like before or after work, on your lunch break, or when you’re off duty. Find the nearest picket line using PSAC’s picket line finder tool.     

Review the PSAC strike FAQ here. Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date to receive all the latest updates about bargaining. If you have any questions, please contact your branch president or your PSAC regional office. 



April 23, 2023