FAQ: PSAC-UTE tentative agreement with CRA

How much of a delay can we expect before our new collective agreement is implemented? 

The CRA has 180 days from the date of signing the new collective agreement to: 

  • raise the pay according to the new rates 
  • provide retro pay for the time elapsed since the expiry of the old contracts and 

  • pay $500 as a penalty for extended implementation timelines

If the employer fails to provide retro pay within the 180-day deadline they will face additional financial penalties. Upon that failure, employees will be awarded $50 on day 181 and again every 90 days. This is in addition to the $500 listed above. 

Where can I get details on the Phoenix settlement? 

Please refer to our FAQ on the Phoenix damages settlement

What are the changes made to the CRA term rollover policy?  

The only change to the term rollover policy is the number of years of continuous service required for a term to become permanent, which is going down from 5 to 3 years. While our PSAC-UTE bargaining team raised the issue repeatedly with the Agency, the change itself was negotiated directly between UTE and CRA and is not part of the tentative agreement. Further information will soon be provided by UTE. 

Will retroactive pay be taxable? 

Yes, retroactive pay is subject to taxes. 

When will members vote on this tentative agreement? 

Please see our Ratification Votes: What you need to know page for more information. 



August 11, 2020