EB Group: Team proposes improvements to career development

The Education and Library Science (EB) bargaining team focused on improving education leave and career development opportunities for members during talks with  Treasury Board, November 8-10, 2021.  

PSAC's common issues bargaining team also met with Treasury Board to discuss the major issues that impact members from every table – including wages, remote work, anti-racism and the right to disconnect. Check out the full common issues update for more information.

Career Development 

The EB bargaining team’s proposal included several improvements to career development, including: 

  • education leave with an allowance equal to 100% of salary 

  • ability for employees to participate in professional development activities  

  • strong language around approval and denial of professional development requests to ensure requests cannot be unreasonably denied and all members can fairly access career development opportunities 

  • greater voice to employees in determining their professional development needs 

Hours of work 

Treasury Board came to the table with a proposal on hours of work supposedly meant to improve flexibility for employees.  At first glance, the proposal raises alarm bells since it would increase the employer’s ability to propose work schedules that could be disruptive to employees such as split shifts and weekend work. However, the EB bargaining team will be thoroughly reviewing the proposed changes and preparing a response for when they return to the negotiation table in January.  

Other improvements 

Treasury Board refused to respond to most of the other proposals the EB bargaining team brought to the table, since they have monetary implications. The team plans on tabling an EB-specific wage proposal in January and expects the employer to engage in more meaningful discussions.  

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November 19, 2021