EB group: Team discusses expanded leave, flexible work

The Education and Library Science (EB) bargaining team focused on expanding a range of leave options and potential flexible work arrangements during talks with Treasury Board September 14-16.

Expanding leave options

The bargaining team proposed several improvements, including:

  • Enhancing sick leave by increasing the amount of sick leave that can be advanced to members, and limiting when a medical note may be requested while ensuring the employer covers any associated fees.
  • Expanding leave for family-related responsibilities by increasing the hours provided. This would be applicable to care for any family member, along with care for children whose daycare or schools have closed. The proposal would also remove the cap of 7.5 hours for legal appointments and specify that the leave can be used to visit a terminally ill family member.
  • Strengthening injury on duty leave by requiring that a certified workers’ compensation authority determines the length of leave rather than individual managers, who do not have the same expertise or impartiality.
  • Providing leave for medical appointments to those with chronic medical conditions, since these members may struggle to access time off for medical needs and resort to using vacation leave.

Flexible work arrangements

Treasury Board is exploring non-traditional working hours for employees. PSAC welcomes this initiativeand will ensure that any change to hours of work is implemented fairly, made accessible to as many members as possible, and entirely voluntary. Any change must also respect members’ health and safety and right to disconnect.

The EB team returns to the table November 8-10. The common issues table will meet on September 27-29.

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September 21, 2021