EB group begins negotiations with Treasury Board  

The Education and Library Science (EB) bargaining team met with Treasury Board representatives for the first time June 22-23 to exchange proposals packages. PSAC is committed to pushing for a fair deal that addresses the concerns and needs members have identified at the National Bargaining Conference and rejecting any concessionary proposals from the employer.  

Key issues the EB team raised include:  

  • Improved leave, including increased and expanded family-related responsibilities leave, additional designated paid holidays, and a summer pedagogical break for 12-month teachers 
  • Better work-life balance, including a reduction in hours of work and increased compensation for overtime 
  • Stronger workplace protections, including strengthening the duty to accommodate, injury on duty leave, and leave for medical appointments for those with chronic medical conditions  
  • No contracting out and limits to term employment to tackle the alarming increase in contracting out and to improve job security  

Though not part of this proposals package, improved wages and job-specific allowances, including an allowance for teachers of specialist subjects and the introduction of an allowance for use of Indigenous languages, are  key goals for this round of talks and will be included in the comprehensive wage proposal to be submitted later in the bargaining process.  

The EB bargaining team will resume talks with the employer in September.   

Common Issues

The common issues bargaining team held its first talks June 14-15 and exchanged its proposals package with Treasury Board. PSAC outlined several key areas targeted for improvement, including remote work, work-life balance, parental leave top-up, protections against harassment and contracting out, job security, and workforce adjustment.

The team also underscored the need for measures to address systemic racism in the workplace and to make progress on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s call to educate public service workers on the history of Indigenous peoples. 

The union will study the government’s proposals in detail over the summer as part of preparations for the next common issues bargaining session in September.

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June 25, 2021