Cyber incident impacts Public Service Health Care Plan

PSAC has been notified of a cybersecurity incident on MSH International’s systems, the international insurer for Canada Life that manages the Public Service Health Care Plan for federal public service workers.  

We are closely monitoring the situation, and expect the federal government to follow up with our union and members about the full scope of the incident and take all necessary measures to protect members’ privacy and security. 

This is another setback for our members who continue to experience delays and issues accessing their health insurance through Canada Life, and who will soon mark the 8th anniversary of the Phoenix pay fiasco. 

Currently, MSH has indicated that they cannot process requests, and members cannot access the client portal. However, they can still reach MSH by phone at 1-833-774-2700 in North America (toll-free) or 1-365-337-7427 outside of North America (collect call). 


February 13, 2024