CRA Bargaining: PSAC and UTE table wage proposals; Agency fails to respond to member concerns

The PSAC/UTE bargaining team met with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on December 3-6 to continue negotiations for a new collective agreement. While there was considerable discussion on several matters of concern to our members, Agency representatives did not respond with meaningful counterproposals. 

Union wage proposal 

The PSAC/UTE wage proposal aims to:  

  1. Achieve fair annual wage increases that exceed current inflationary trends. 

  1. Introduce a market adjustment that would close the gap between CRA workers and their former co-workers at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).   

The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) was a government agency that was split into the CRA and CBSA in December 2003. Over time, this led to vastly divergent pay for workers doing similar work in each organization. PSAC/UTE believes CRA workers deserve to be compensated fairly. Agency representatives committed to providing a response to the union wage proposal at the next bargaining session in January. 

Key concerns still not addressed 

The PSAC/UTE bargaining team also reiterated previously tabled priorities for this round of bargaining: 

  • Increased work-life balance, with an emphasis on improved access to leave. 

  • Improved conditions for call centre workers, including scheduling rights and better protections. 

  • Protections against excessive term employment, along with more permanency and job security. 

  • Protections against the expansion of shift work, as well as new rights for employees scheduled to work evenings. 

  • Union rights in the workplace, consistent with what other federal employers have agreed to.  

While there was some constructive discussion around call centres and family-related leave, the CRA ultimately provided little of substance in response to the bargaining team’s various proposals. The only progress made during this session pertained to some ‘housekeeping’ matters. 

The bargaining team is scheduled to return to the table the week of January 21. PSAC and UTE are calling on the CRA to return to the table in January ready to address these key concerns for our members.  

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December 7, 2018