Am I covered by the Disability Insurance (DI) Plan ?

The DI plan is a long-term disability insurance plan negotiated between the Employer, Treasury Board and the insurance company, Sun Life Assurance.

Membership in the DI plan is generally compulsory, and is open to you if you are a full-time or part-time employee, (including seasonal employees) subject to certain conditions. It covers employees of the federal government departments and most agencies (including the Canada Revenue Agency, Parks Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

You are automatically covered if you were hired after:

  • November 1970, for full time employees;
  • January 1, 1973, for seasonal employees; and
  • September 1, 1982, for part time employees.

Most people hired before these dates signed up when the insurance was made available.

You can join now if you are not already covered.

Take the time to join even if you don’t have a disabling condition to avoid the shock of finding out you are not covered when you need it most. If you could have joined back then, you can still get coverage. Send a completed Declaration of Personal Insurability to Sun Life. You can get this form from your Human Resources department. For policy related information, visit the Disability Benefits web site. You can also ask Human Resources for general information about the DI plan. 

September 22, 2013