SV group: PIC hearings wrap up as PSAC prepares to escalate actions if necessary

The Public Interest Commission (PIC) hearing conducted by the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board for the SV group was held on November 28-30, as well as on December 8. The parties also met in mediation, but without any success. The bargaining team and employer both presented their positions and are now awaiting a decision from the PIC.  

Our bargaining team will determine next steps once the PIC report is received. If an agreement cannot be reached during the PIC process, PSAC members should be prepared to continue escalating our actions to reach a fair contract, including taking strike action if necessary. 

Stay informed and engaged 

Getting involved and taking action are key as we push for a fair contract. Be prepared, get mobilized, stay engaged, and be ready to take action: 



December 22, 2022