Save the date: PSAC NPF members mobilizing for a fair contract

Bargaining is ramping up this fall for PSAC members working for the Non-Public Funds, and the team has one goal in mind: to negotiate the best contract possible.  

For too long, our members have been denied decent wage increases and suffered from inconsistent pay grids across the country.  

As the cost of living hits record highs, now more than ever we need to fight for fair wages, a better salary scale and good, secure jobs. 

Despite the critical work we do for military personnel and their families, our members are still some of the lowest paid workers in the federal public service, and we deserve better. 

With that in mind, bargaining teams across the country are starting to get mobilized, starting with a first strong event earlier this month in Valcartier, where members are frustrated with the employer and discussing next steps. Save the date and join your local event with colleagues. Let’s show the employer we will keep the pressure on as a united team for a fair deal. 

Count me in

Bagotville - September 26, 6 a.m., at the base entrance 

Gagetown - October 11, 9:30 a.m., at the Crown Plaza in Fredericton 

Actions are coming soon for Ottawa, Goose Bay, Suffield and Petawawa. 

Save the date 

Members are preparing a national action at the Department of National Defence in Ottawa. Stay tuned for details. 

Mobilization is key to winning a fair deal for PSAC NPF members. RSVP to your local event now.


September 15, 2022