NAV CANADA: Bargaining team files for conciliation to make gains for workers

The NAV CANADA bargaining team was back at the table for two days, November 17-18, to resolve key issues to secure a fair deal. While we reached some common ground, there are still important demands that remain unresolved at the table, and the bargaining team had no choice but to apply for conciliation.

This independent process means that a neutral third party will intervene in the negotiation process. The conciliator is there to help both our bargaining team and the employer reach a deal, but has no authority in the decision-making process. We are hoping conciliation will take place at the end of January.

Priorities for the bargaining team continue to focus on securing fair wages and negotiating improvements to job security and overtime. We will continue to push back against any concessions from the employer, and work hard to bring members a strong and fair contract.

We will update members when the conciliation dates are confirmed.

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November 24, 2022