2021 National Women’s Conference: Women Have Power – Let’s Use It

Over 150 PSAC women delegates gathered to share their experiences as women members, activists, and leaders during the 2021 PSAC National Women’s Conference September 23-26.

Conference speakers encouraged women to become more involved and to fight for women’s rights in our union, workplaces and communities. Participants discussed how they can work together to break down barriers and create lasting change for women and girls.

Sharon DeSousa, PSAC’s National Executive Vice-President, provided an overview of the findings and recommendations in the PSAC Gender Equity Task Force (GET) and the ongoing work of the union in eliminating barriers to women’s participation in the union.

"As a union, PSAC has made tremendous strides in fighting for women’s rights and I know that we will continue to be at the forefront advocating for women and all equity seeking groups. Now more than ever, we need to come together to support one another," she said. 

Throughout the conference, delegates watched short videos speaking to important themes highlighted in the GET report, including leadershipinclusion, and mentorship

Delegates passed 13 resolutions, including many that support the findings from PSAC's GET report. Resolutions called on PSAC to develop a women-centered leadership development program, a formal mentorship program that matches women and/or equity leaders with members interested in leadership roles, and other initiatives to improve women’s participation in their union.

These resolutions will be sent to PSAC’s Alliance Executive Committee. Those that cannot be implemented immediately will go to the 2022 PSAC National Triennial Convention in Winnipeg for consideration.

Colleen Coffey, PSAC Atlantic Regional Executive Vice-President and Chair of the conference, wrapped up the conference by encouraging women to join their regional women’s committees and make sure that gender equity issues are a priority for the union. These committees provide a safe space to grow as union activists, receive support, and to fight for women’s issues.

For more information on your local or regional women’s and equity committees, please contact your PSAC regional office

For more information about any of the resolutions submitted to the PSAC National Women’s Conference, read the Report of the Resolutions Committee


October 8, 2021