Gender equity: Why women’s leadership matters

PSAC’s Gender Equity Task Force was created to examine women’s representation in all leadership bodies within the union. In response to their findings, the task force developed a report with recommendations to help pave the way to a more inclusive and united PSAC.

Representing about 60 per cent of the membership, women are the largest demographic within PSAC, and yet they continue to be underrepresented in our union’s leadership.

Tackling the systemic issues identified by PSAC’s women members will not only shift the way we organize within the union, but also change the face of elected leadership to better reflect the needs and interests of PSAC’s membership.

In this video, PSAC National Vice President Sharon DeSousa shares what leadership means to her and why she’s committed to breaking down barriers and building a more inclusive and equitable labour movement.

Read the Gender Equity Task Force report to find out more about what we’re doing to increase women’s participation throughout PSAC, and in all areas of union activity.

This video is part of a series developed for PSAC’s National Women’s Conference, which runs September 23-26, 2021. The conference brings together women activists from across the country to network and learn from each other so they can fight for a more equitable future.

September 22, 2021