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Mailing Address

Public Service Alliance of Canada
233 Gilmour Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 0P1

Phone number

1-888-604-PSAC (7722)

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Contact our Phoenix Team at or visit our Phoenix website.

Media Contacts

Michael Aubry

Phone: (613) 218-0952

Alroy Fonseca

Office: (613) 560-2561
Mobile: (613) 262-3658

Jonathan Choquette

Phone: (613) 560-4317

Regional offices

PSAC has 23 regional offices offering support to local officers and members.


PSAC has 15 Components organized to bring together members working for the same government department, territory or agency. Components work with local unions to support individual members.

Directly Chartered Locals

View a list of PSAC’s Directly Chartered Locals and Regional Bargaining Units

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