Why is the government contracting out public service jobs?

PSAC is alarmed by the government’s unexpected decision to outsource administration of the Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG) program to the WE Charity.  

The administration of national programs is the responsibility of public service workers and they are specialized in that work. Moreover, the federal public service has extensive experience with administering a wide range of programs targeted at youth and students.  

Since the pandemic began the federal public service has clearly demonstrated that it can implement newly announced government programs promptly and scale them up quickly. 

“Mr. Trudeau’s claim that WE Charity is the ‘only one’ that can administer the new grant program is not only factually wrong, it’s also insulting to our members,” said PSAC National President Chris Aylward. “PSAC members have worked hard to support the government’s rapidly evolving response to the pandemic and remain committed to continuing doing so.” 

“Keeping administration of the CSSG public would support accountability, oversight and proper handling of private applicant information. It would also ensure that the workers administering the grant are themselves compensated fairly.” 

PSAC calls on the government to fully explain how it reached its decision to contract out the CSSG to the WE Charity and commit to keeping the administration of all government programs public. 


July 2, 2020