What to expect at PSAC’s 2022 convention 

PSAC’s 2022 National Triennial Convention is being held virtually from May 26 to May 27 and May 30 to June 3.

PSAC’s national convention is unlike any other event within our union. Every three years, more than 500 members from communities across Canada attend to discuss and decide the path forward for our union.

However, the pandemic has forced us to adapt and make some changes.

Since PSAC’s 2021 convention was postponed due to the pandemic, the business of this convention will set the course for a shorter — but critically important — two-year window of opportunity instead of the usual three-year cycle.

We’re also holding this year’s convention virtually to protect the health and safety of our members and staff, and their communities and families when they return home.

Despite these changes, the business of this convention has not changed. 

What to expect at PSAC’s 2022 convention 

  • Debate about resolutions on PSAC initiatives, campaigns and changes to our union’s structure and rules; 
  • A review of PSAC’s financial position and adoption of a new budget for the next two years; 
  • The election of PSAC’s national president, national executive vice-president and alternate national executive vice-president to a two-year term; 
  • A look back at the past four years of our victories and achievements; 
  • And an address from Canadian Labour Congress President Bea Bruske. 

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May 25, 2022