Victory at Service Canada: Retroactive salary increases for hundreds of members

After more than a decade of waiting, hundreds of PSAC-Canada Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU) members working at Employment and Social Development Canada / Service Canada have been given a new job description that truly reflects the work they have been doing for years. The new work description is retroactive to September 14, 2006 and will also mean retroactive pay for affected workers.

This victory, won on February 22, is the result of grievances filed in 2008 under Service Canada’s Service Management Structural Model initiative. In response to these grievances, Service Canada committed in March 2013 to revise the standard “generic work description” and submit it for classification review.

These members who work for the Integrity Services and Benefit Payment Services branches – Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security have had their position title of Program and Service Delivery Clerk (PSDC) changed to Program and Service Delivery Officer. At the same time, their classification has been changed from CR-04 to PM-01.

This new classification will mean retro pay going as far back as September 14, 2006, for hundreds of PSAC-CEIU members. Actual retro pay will be calculated based on the amount of time spent performing duties.

PSAC-CEIU is pleased that affected members, the vast majority of whom are women, are finally being recognized for their excellent work. The union is committed to working hard over the next few months to ensure that these members receive what they are owed.

March 1, 2019