The victories that make us stronger

Much has been gained for workers in the last few years. With most of our members currently bargaining for better working conditions and pay, we want to highlight the power of mobilization and political action in securing major wins for PSAC’s membership. 

Mobilizing pays off 

Employers’ poor decisions can be challenged. Just ask the FB Group’s border services members, who broke their bargaining stalemate after just 36 hours of work to rule. They mobilized and were able to reach an agreement that benefited nearly 9,000 members. 

With respect to the Phoenix pay system fiasco, we drove a hard bargain to secure $2,500 in general damages, far beyond anything achieved by other bargaining agents, and made sure there would be no more gross payback for overpayments. 

Mobilization also helped bring 130 Canada Revenue Agency jobs back into the public sector. These jobs had been sneakily contracted out, but PSAC led a successful campaign against their privatization. 

Toward greater equity 

To change our workplace culture, PSAC is committed to dismantling the obstacles facing marginalized groups. We set up a national working group on gender equity, lobbied successfully for a federal pay equity act, achieved a big win in securing 699 leave for our members, and successfully campaigned for universal child care services.  

We also achieved significant improvements in our collective agreements. Many units adopted measures to fight sexual violence and harassment, such as paid domestic violence leave and protection plans with guaranteed anonymity. Many units also adopted leave for traditional Indigenous practices. Last but not least, many groups updated their collective agreements to ensure inclusive language. 

Growing post-secondary 

The post-secondary DCL sector is growing, with new members from École de technologie supérieure, Saint Paul University, University of Saskatchewan and University of Ontario. The results are clear: better pay, better working conditions and recognition of employee status for the more than 30,000 members who chose PSAC. 

Moreover, in a historic win, PSAC brought an end to sky-high tuition fees for its international PhD members at Queen’s University. 

A stronger North 

PSAC continues to secure strong collective agreements for our members in the North, including for more than 4,000 public service workers with the Nunavut Employees Union, who will now enjoy higher pay and a better northern allowance—a significant achievement considering their 46% higher cost of living. 

April 28, 2022