Transport Canada must not contract out critical licensing work

PSAC-UCTE members who work for Transport Canada have critical responsibilities to ensure the safety of Canadians as people and goods move across the country, on land, at sea, and in the air.  Our members take pride in their work, making sure that transportation safety standards are met. We are therefore very concerned that Transport Canada plans on contracting out some of this important work. This will include privatizing the testing required to license commercial pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers.

Transport Canada has already contracted out the Check-Pilot program which is the in-flight assessment of commercial pilot competencies. This further privatization puts even more workers and travellers at risk.

We know that contracting out costs more.  We know that privatized public services provide poorer quality service. And we know that governments – and therefore Canadians – always   take on the financial risk associated with contracting out.

PSAC and UCTE are committed to fighting this assault on public safety and on good, public service jobs.

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April 30, 2021