Support Iqaluit Housing Authority workers

PSAC-NEU members who work for the Iqaluit Housing Authority have been on strike since the middle of March. These workers, mostly young Inuit parents, are fighting for wages that keep pace with inflation in the exorbitantly expensive northern economy.  

They are fighting to maintain working conditions that are the norm in other parts of the country – things like maternity leave provisions, vacation leave, and personal leave.  They are fighting for respect and dignity in the face of bargaining that is often tinged with racism and sexism.  

In the meantime, the employer has brought in replacement workers. These scab labourers from southern Canada, are getting paid more, and are being provided with housing and food allowances and benefits that striking workers have never had access to. 

 It’s time for Minister of Labour Seamus O’Regan and the federal government to step in and halt the use of scab labour in the Iqaluit Housing Authority strike.  

Please take action now