SSO bargaining resumes for newly merged units

The Statistics Survey Operations (SSO) bargaining team — now representing nearly 2,000 members in the merged Regional Offices and Field Units groups — resumed talks with Statistics Canada representatives August 17-18. 

While PSAC and the employer made some progress, management still has not tabled a comprehensive package of proposals. We look forward to receiving their full set of proposals, including monetary demands, at our next bargaining session in October.  

PSAC submitted a comprehensive package of bargaining proposals covering the merged units in July, which includes: 

·       Wage parity with the core public service; 

·       Better job security, hours of work and schedules;  

·       Improved maternity and parental leave benefits;  

·       Greater protections against harassment and abuse of authority;  

·       10 paid days of domestic violence leave;  

·       Improved shift premiums for evenings and weekends; 

·       Improvements to sick leave, family leave, vacation leave and compassionate care leave. 

Arbitration will be used in case of impasse  

With support from the bargaining team, PSAC’s National Board of Directors recently approved binding arbitration for the newly merged bargaining unit should talks hit an impasse and fail to reach a tentative agreement.  

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August 20, 2021