Sign up today for PSAC’s virtual convention preparation course

For the first time in PSAC’s history, our union’s regional conventions are taking place virtually, and we’re now offering an online course to help members prepare. 

Virtual Convention Preparation is for PSAC members who are attending any union convention as delegates or observers. It is also for members who simply want to find out more about what conventions are and how they work. 

In this course, you will learn why PSAC holds conventions, who attends them and how delegates and observers are selected. You will also learn why representation and inclusion of members from equity-seeking groups at convention matters. You will then look at what makes a good resolution, get a chance to analyze past resolutions and write your own. Finally, you will study the new PSAC Rules of Order for virtual regional conventions and see how these rules govern activities like voting, speaking and making and seconding a motion. 

To take this course, sign up for the Online Education Program today and find Virtual Convention Preparation in our course catalogue. If you don’t have a PSAC member portal account yet, create your account now to access our services.   

Additional convention training is being offered regionally to help members get ready for their respective conventions. Please check your regional websites to learn more. Training on the new virtual Rules of Order will also be offered immediately prior to all regional conventions. 


April 6, 2021