Sign up today for PSAC’s new online education program

PSAC is thrilled to offer members a new way of accessing our education program. In response to the global pandemic, PSAC suspended in-person courses and we focused instead on building a high-quality, user-friendly online education program that can be accessed from any home computer or mobile device.  

Online education extends the reach of our education program to members whose location or life circumstances make attending in-person sessions difficult. From our PSAC national website, our Online Education Program will offer online self-paced courses available at your convenience.  

In addition to this new service, our regions will also be offering virtual courses to bring members together at specific times in a virtual classroom, similar to in-person courses. Please contact your regional office or check your regional websites to find out when these courses are being offered and how to register. 

All courses are always free for members, and if a virtual course is scheduled during your regular working hours, you can request unpaid leave from your employer to participate and PSAC will then cover any lost wages once the virtual course is completed. 

Our courses will invite you to share your knowledge, reflect on new ideas and participate interactively. Participants will learn to solve problems and gain new skills. Once you have successfully completed a course, you will be able to download a certificate. Courses completed online can serve as pre-requisites for future in-person courses as well as other online courses.  

Sign up for the Online Education Program today and stay tuned as more courses are added in the coming weeks and months. If you don’t have a PSAC Member Portal account yet, create your account now to access our services.  

New online courses 

Welcome to Your Union, PSAC  

This is the perfect course for PSAC members who are new to the union or for any member who wants a review of PSAC’s structure, the services available to PSAC members and of the basic elements of governance at the local, component, regional and national levels of PSAC. This course also helps members identify ways of getting involved in the union.   

Precarious Work – A Union Issue 

Across the country more people, including those in unionized positions, are finding it harder to find permanent and secure jobs. Precarious Work – A Union Issue will give participants an overview of the causes and effects of precarious work as well as what our union is doing in response. The course also offers ways for PSAC members to take concrete action against precarious work. 

Upcoming online courses  

Convention Preparation is a primer for members who will be participating in our upcoming triennial conventions in their regions or components.    

Stewards: Roles They Play introduces members to the important role and duties stewards play in their workplace and our union.  

Upcoming virtual courses 

Talking Union Basics is PSAC’s foundation course for members who want to understand the basics of union principles and action.   


February 11, 2021