On the road to victory together

When thousands of PSAC members take to the streets as part of a rally against the Phoenix pay system or cuts to public services, people take notice. Having a mobilized and engaged membership is critical to getting the best possible deal at the bargaining table – for all our members. The biggest victories happen when members’ needs are reflected by their bargaining teams, and they in turn support their team and work together to mobilize.  

But coming out in numbers is just one way to mobilize. There are many other ways to get involved with your union — from taking the leap and joining one of your regional committees to something as small as sharing a post on social media. 

Here are a few of the ways you can get engaged and help support your union. Pick one that feels right for you and get started today. 

Don’t know how to get started? Get engaged! 

Getting involved doesn’t have to be intimidating. Start small. Read your collective agreement and connect with your shop steward or a member of your local executive. Start talking with your co-workers about the bargaining issues that matter most to you and learn what’s happening at the bargaining table. Sign up for PSAC’s newsletter and follow our social media channels. When you’re ready, take part in an online action to learn more about bargaining and show your support. 

Feeling more comfortable? Get involved! 

Attend a union event, meeting, or rally. Wear buttons, pins, or union swag to publicly show support for your bargaining team and send a strong message to your employer. You can also help spread the word about important bargaining issues by handing out leaflets to other members. Keep the conversation going by posting or sharing bargaining information on social media. 

Ready to take the next step? Get active! 

Talk to your local about attending a bargaining conference to give you a say in bargaining priorities. If you are a member of an equity group, you can also consider registering for a regional equity committee or conference – bringing forward the experiences and needs of our diverse members is key to building a stronger union. Make even more of an impact by joining your bargaining team or your local executive. You can also help to mobilize other members by joining the national mobilization team and participating in a call or texting campaign. Finally, turn up the pressure by lobbying your elected officials. 

Our union is built from the ground up, and the strength of our membership gives us the leverage we need at the bargaining table. When we organize together for fair wages, job security, better working conditions, and inclusive workplaces, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. 

If you have a mobilization idea that you think would be effective in your workplace or community, please email it to PSAC's national mobilization team at mobilization-mobilisation@psac-afpc.com

Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date at psacunion.ca/user to receive all the latest bargaining updates, and join our mailing list to receive our weekly e-newsletter. 


April 28, 2022