Rise in Pride with PSAC!

June is Pride month and a time to celebrate how far we’ve come in achieving LGBTQ2+ rights in the workplace and in our communities. It is also a time to reflect and strengthen our resolve to fight back against injustices at home and abroad.

End the Blood Ban

PSAC continues to be a strong voice in urging the federal government to commit to their election promise and put an end to the ban on blood, organ and bone marrow donations from many LGBTQ2+ people, especially queer men and trans women.

The ban is discriminatory and anti-scientific because it excludes donors based on gender and sexual orientation, rather than on evidenced-based high-risk behaviors. Precluding gay/bi men and trans women regardless of behavior perpetuates harmful stereotypes about the LGBTQ2+ community.

Although the government has recently reduced the deferral period to 3 months, the ban must be eliminated.

Sign on to urge the Federal government to commit to their election promise and end the blood ban!

PSAC Fights for Trans Inclusion in the Workplace

Ensuring that workplaces are free from discrimination and inclusive for all our members remains a priority for our union. To support our work in building trans inclusive workplaces, we are giving stewards and members the necessary tools and resources to better support trans workers.

PSAC has released a series of resources on Building Trans Inclusive Workplaces. Throughout Pride month we will be rolling out videos that have been created to support trans inclusion in the workplace. 

Employment Equity

The LGBTQ2+ community is the only equity seeking group still not included in the Employment Equity Act. The PSAC continues to call on the government to collect meaningful census data on LGBTQ2+ groups in order to ensure their protection under the Employment Equity Act.

Let’s Celebrate!

PSAC encourages all its members to take part in celebrating our many victories and to continue working together boldly and in solidarity in the fight for equity and inclusion.

Download this year’s PSAC Pride poster to help organize or participate in local pride festivities and encourage your fellow members to rise in pride with PSAC!

May 31, 2019