Reminder: there is still time to file claims due to Phoenix impacts

PSAC members who have suffered personal or financial consequences due to Phoenix, whether they are current or former employees or the estate representative of a deceased member, can still make claims for the hardship they suffered.    

PSAC strongly encourages you to make a claim. It is worthwhile to apply. If you have been impacted by Phoenix, here is a list of claims you can apply for. 

Severe impacts claims 

The severe impacts claims are meant to compensate current and former employees for losses such as:  

  • Leave taken because of Phoenix-related health issues;  

  • Mental anguish, such as developing a mental illness, having to see a doctor, seek counselling, go on medication, or otherwise having your mental health impacted by Phoenix;  

  • Losses related to going on disability, maternity or parental leave, in certain situations;  

  • Pain and suffering due to discrimination as defined under the Canadian Human Rights Act (for example, if your disability or family status were a factor in you being adversely affected by Phoenix);  

  • Negative impacts to your career;  

  • Loss of security clearance, bankruptcy or significant credit rating impact;  

  • Forced resignation from the public service because of financial hardship. 

You can review a full list of claims, eligibility criteria and the documents you will need for making each one, on Treasury Board’s Claim compensation for severe impacts website.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your severe impacts claim, PSAC may be able to help you appeal it to adjudication and represent you once there. 

General damages – retired and former public service workers 

Are you or do you know a retired of former public service worker? You may be eligible for up to $2,500 in Phoenix general damages. 

While current members automatically received the amounts on their paycheque in March of 2021, the process for members who have left or retired from the federal public service to apply for general damages only opened in December 2021. 

Former members and legal representatives of a former member or estate of a deceased member who worked for the federal public service between the fiscal years of 2016 and 2020 have the right to claim the maximum lump sum of $2,500. These damages, negotiated in October 2020 by PSAC under the Phoenix pay system damages agreement, include compensation for the late implementation of collective agreements during those years due to the Phoenix pay system. 

Submit your claim online 

Submit your claim by mail 

Other claims 

Current and former members can also claim out-of-pocket expenses because of Phoenix pay problems. Check the list of eligible expenses that can be claimed for reimbursement and complete this online form

In addition to the out-of-pocket claims, current and former members have access to other types of claims, such as reimbursement for tax advice, advance for government benefits or a claim for impacts to income taxes and government benefits

If you have questions or need help with the claim process, consult the Contact us section of the claims website. 


February 24, 2023