Regional Negotiator

$97 763 - $110 035 (2018 rates)
Employment type: 
Term up to one year
Closing Date: 
Thu, 12 Aug 2021 15:30 EDT
English requirements: 
Employment equity designation: 
Target groups: 
Indigenous people
Search area: 
Employees of PSAC, Components, and PSAC Holdings Ltd
Members giving PSAC membership number
General public
Competition Number: 


Unifor 2025
Band 12
Purpose of position: 

Under the direction of the Coordinator of The Negotiations Section, the Negotiator acts as chief spokesperson and chair of PSAC negotiating teams for bargaining units in the federal public and private sectors, and in provincial and territorial jurisdictions and represents the PSAC in third party dispute resolution processes such as conciliation, arbitration and mediation, in the context of federal and provincial labour legislation and the PSAC Constitution, regulations and policies. The Negotiator also provides advice and guidance to PSAC collective bargaining committees, elected officers and members on issues related to collective bargaining, including strike strategy and collective agreement interpretation.


• Graduation in a field related to labour relations or experience in the field of labour relations, or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience
• Experience in the field of negotiations in the public and/or private sector
• Comprehensive knowledge of the process and practice of collective bargaining, including negotiating techniques, contract language development, and group dynamics
• Comprehensive knowledge of advocacy techniques
• Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of staff relations and pertinent legislation and regulations
• Knowledge of the organization and structure of the federal public service, agencies and crown corporations
• Knowledge of PSAC Constitution, Regulations, policies and objectives
• Understanding of and commitment to trade union and equity principles
• Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing in English.

The PSAC is committed to employment equity and is actively seeking to ensure a representative workforce. We encourage applications from members of equity seeking groups.