RCMP CMs: PSAC reaches deal to resolve terms and conditions of employment

PSAC has successfully reached an agreement with Treasury Board that preserves many of the working conditions for RCMP civilian members (CMs). The memorandum of understanding (MOU) also opens negotiations to resolve the differences between the terms and conditions of employment of CMs and their pay-matched counterparts in the federal public service.  

The agreement, reached at the common issues table during the latest round of collective bargaining with Treasury Board, is a victory for civilian members concerned about their working conditions once they join the public service. The MOU will come into effect once the PA collective agreement is signed. 

RCMP CMs will keep the following benefits when they’re deemed into the federal public service:  

  • The flexibility to start work at 6 a.m. 
  • Leave with pay, in accordance with current RCMP policy, to: 
    • Help relocate a widowed or orphaned brother or sister in either the member’s or their spouse or common law partner’s family 
    • Visit a person who is certified as being critically ill by a medical practitioner 
  • Isolated posts: Honour any commitments made to relocate civilian members transferred to isolated posts when their tour of duty is complete 
  • Stand-by and overtime: When the employer requires a civilian member to remain on a worksite during off-duty hours, the employee will be compensated in accordance with the overtime provisions of the relevant collective agreement 
  • Fitness and lifestyle: Subject to operational requirements, civilian members can take 60 minutes away from their normal duties for physical activity 
  • CMs deemed to the SV group will continue to have a 40-hour work week inclusive of paid meal breaks 

Negotiations to begin

In addition, PSAC and Treasury Board have agreed to begin meaningful negotiations to address the differences that exist between RCMP CMs’ terms and conditions of employment and those contained in the collective agreements of the federal public service.  

Negotiations will include vacation leave entitlements, the establishment of a sick leave bank, maintaining relocation provisions upon retirement, and funeral and burial entitlements.  

If an agreement hasn’t been reached before deeming takes place, the parties will move to arbitration to settle the outstanding issues. Check out the full memorandum of understanding for more details.  

Any questions about deeming, the benefits of union membership or collective bargaining can be sent to CM-INFO-MC@psac-afpc.com



August 5, 2020