Federal public service jobs are good for the economy and workers, study finds

Hiring more federal public sector workers would benefit the Canadian economy and support a strong, diverse middle class, a new study suggests.

A study released by l’Institut de recherche et d’informations socioéconomiques (IRIS) proves it’s time the federal government reinvests in stable federal jobs that anchor Canada’s economy. Stephen Harper’s Conservative government slashed more than 25,000 federal public service jobs in 2011, and according to the study, our economy still hasn’t recovered from that loss.

“The findings are clear; a strong federal public sector helps drive Canada’s economic growth for the benefit of all,” said Chris Aylward, Public Service Alliance of Canada national president. “Our next federal government needs to make a firm commitment to bolster our public service and provide dependable, good-paying jobs to Canadians.”

Every dollar spent on federal public service jobs generates on average $1.77 for Canada’s economy, and they further benefit provinces that have less diversified economies like Alberta and Nova Scotia.

“These findings are very important in the face of successive governments that continue to increase the contracting out of public service jobs, creating lower wages and more unstable work for Canadians,” added Aylward. "The government needs to reverse course and bring these jobs back into the public service."

IRIS also found that public service jobs contribute to eliminating gender and racial inequality.


September 25, 2019