PSAC welcomes dental care, federal inflation relief announcement

The Liberal government will introduce inflation relief legislation later this month that will rely on PSAC members to deliver important benefits targeted to help Canadians most affected by the rise in inflation.  The legislation will also start the process to finally set up a national dental program, which PSAC and the Canadian Labour Congress have been calling on the government to implement for years.  

Starting this year, families with children under 12 will receive help to offset dental care costs until the national program is in place, which is expected by 2024.  

The government also announced the doubling of the GST tax credit for 2022. 

“We welcome these initiatives to help Canadians who have been hit the hardest as inflation hits record highs we haven’t seen in a generation,” said Chris Aylward, PSAC national president. “The government’s decision to put their trust in federal public service workers to administer these new initiatives recognizes our members’ ability to deliver federal programs effectively. Our members pivoted quickly when COVID-19 broke out to provide emergency funds quickly to millions of Canadians.”    

The inflation relief announcement also includes a temporary $500 federal means-tested payment to renters. However, this temporary measure does not address the need for long-term investment in affordable housing.  

The new dental care program, a key element of the Liberal-NDP supply and confidence agreement, is a significant step in providing affordable health care to all Canadians. We expect the government to follow through quickly to put the full program in place.  


September 13, 2022