PSAC Webinars on Anti-racism

Watch An Introduction to Anti-racism for White Folks (video webinar, July 2020) 

A conversation between Paige Galette and Nora Loreto 

Scholar and activist Angela Y. Davis has said that in a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist. 

This webinar features activists Paige Galette and Nora Loreto in conversation on the following topics: 

  • What is the difference between non-racism and anti-racism?  
  • What is white people’s role in the fight against racism? 

If you are wondering – “why a webinar for white folks?” Please read this backgrounder

Watch a Discussion on Systemic Racism in the Labour Movement (video webinar, May 2021) 

Presented as a panel discussion facilitated by PSAC-NCR Regional Executive Vice-President Alex Silas, Émilie Nicolas and Eagleclaw Thom, the webinar will help us understand systemic racism by focusing on the question of white privilege: 

  • What is white privilege? 
  • How does white privilege contribute to systemic racism in the labour movement? 
  • What are actions union members and workers can take to identify and challenge white privilege in the labour movement? 

For more details and panelists biographies, please read this backgrounder

Watch a Discussion on combatting Anti-Asian Racism (video webinar, May 2021) 

Due to perpetuating myths and stereotypes that people of Asian descent are responsible for COVID, there has been a rise in Anti-Asian hate in Canada and the rest of the world. Anti-Asian racism is not new but has come more into focus during the pandemic. As well, the economic and health impact of the pandemic has had negative consequences on Asian communities, especially in the workplaces and health services.  

The objectives of this panel: 

  • Examine key issues and goals of Asian activism 
  • Examine the successes and challenges of Asian activism 
  • What are some solutions? 

For more details, please read this backgrounder


September 24, 2021